Mom Style Day to Night - Haley Salomons April 11 2016

By Kayla Pearcey

Being a mom is hard work, but who says you can't look fabulous while chasing your babes around?! In a recent collaboration with Haley Salomons and Tara Whittaker Photography, we prove that moms can absolutely look cute too! 

If you don’t know Haley, she’s a family, design, fashion and lifestyle blogger here in Calgary and mamabear to the cutest boys you’ll ever meet! She’s also a frequent blog contributor at Calgary's  Dote Magazine

Haley gives us a look into her personal, everyday style below.

Adorn: How would you define your personal style as a mom?

Haley: My personal style is very simple, the whole capsule wardrobe thing you know? The same idea on repeat with only a couple new trends each season. I think it's important to have a strong sense of what you like and only subscribe to the seasonal trends that you actually love and that fit into your existing wardrobe. I love blacks and greys for winter, and whites and blush for summer.

Adorn: Would you say your personal style has changed after becoming a mom? If yes, how so?

Haley: If it has changed at all, it is only because I'm still so young and my personal sense of self is still evolving and strengthening. I feel each year I come closer on the outside with my style to how I feel on the inside and how I really perceive myself. I still wear whites, dirty hands be damned- you just have to find a good cleaner! 

Haley's first look has a more casual vibe and the second is slightly dressed up for a date night witch her man! Patio drinks anyone?!

Outfit 1 – Casual

Blouse: Harris Wilson | Knit cardigan: Des Petits Hauts | Handbag: Status Anxiety | Necklace: So Pretty Cara Cotter | Rings: Foe and Dear

Outfit 2 – Date Night 

Dress: Free People | Handbag: Nice Things | Hat: Fallen Broken Street | Bracelet: Adorn Boutique