Pastel Party in Our Closets February 01 2016

By Kayla Pearcey

A new year has sprung upon us and with that, new trends have emerged! One of the most talked about trends so far is the release of Pantone’s colours of the year, Serenity and Rose Quartz. With such pretty hues, we are certain 2016 is the year for all things pretty.

We’ve compiled a suggestion guide on how you can begin to incorporate these pretty pastels into your wardrobe! Whether it’s a small accessory to play up an otherwise dull look, or a bold coat to walk the streets with - we think soft colours are the perfect, must-have staple piece for every season!

Here are six ways you can have a pastel party in your closet!

1. Coats




2. Blouses




3. Dresses




4. Skirts




5. Handbags




6. Jewelry